My name is Nicholas  M. Tancheff, D.C.

I have been supervising water fasting patients for the past 15 years. I am a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic in the state of Hawaii and a certified member of the International Association of Hygienic Physicians.

Our updated fasting retreat programs are the combination of everything we have learned over the past 22 years. These retreats will be the most comprehensive retreats we have ever offered. Not only will you leave this program feeling renewed in your physical body, but you will also have an extensive knowledge and understanding about your body and an array of therapies that you can make use of after the retreat.

Arrival Day: On your day of arrival you will be introduced to your accommodations along with some liquids to refresh you and prepare you for your healing journey.

Day 1: On your first full day at the retreat, we will introduce to you some light liquids. We will gather together in a group for introductions and an overview of the upcoming program.

Day 2: We will have our first blood test. We will introduce and go over food grade H2O2 (oxygen) therapy.

Day 3: Blood Test Review with Dr Nick. Oral Hygiene Workshop including making your own toothpaste and mouthwash recipes.

Day 4: Workshops: How to Make your own Skin Cleaning Solution along with the application of the solution. Review Iodine.

Day 5: Introduction to Hard Mineral and Heavy Metal Detoxification using EDTA. Urinalysis. Urine Lab Findings Overview.

Day 6: Workshop: Cranial Facial Release with Several Eye Therapies including Sananga Eye Medicine.

Day 7: Workshop: Otoscope Diagnosis with Ear Cleaning Therapies

Day 8: Introduction to anti parasitic pure oregano oil therapy. Workshop: Foot Care Workshop including filing, cleaning, scrubbing, and making your own foot soaking solution.

Day 9: We will have our 1 week of fasting blood test taken. Workshop: Cupping Therapy Provided

Day 10: Blood Test Review with Dr Nick

Day 11: Introduction to Pure Distilled Pine Oil & Organic Castor Oil Detoxification Therapy

Day 12: Workshop: Scalp Cleaning Therapy

Day 13: Workshop: Abdominal Massage Therapy

Day 14: Introduction to Chlorine Dioxide (aka MMS) Detoxification Therapy. Workshop: Hand Soak Solution.

Day 15: Overview: Breaking the Fast at the retreat and Life after the retreat

Day 16: Your Final Blood Test will be taken prior to breaking the fast. Breaking the fast with liquid nutrition.

Days 17 to 21: As you slowly and gently re introduce nutrition back in to your body….listen to your body. Eating not only for pleasure but also for comfort. We hope to share this island and an extension of Aloha to you.

Day 22: Departure Day

What is Included:

  • 3 Blood Test Results (pre-fasting, 1 week fasting, and 2 weeks fasting)
  • A Private Chiropractic Session with Dr Nick
  • Your Own Non-Toxic Enema Bag
  • Mitts for Skin Cleaning
  • Korean Exfoliating Scrub Mitts for enhanced skin cleaning
  • All Ingredients for therapies for you to use at the retreat.
  • Steam Distilled Drinking Water
  • Daily Yoga/Meditation/Breathing Classes with our Yoga Instructor
  • Daily Doctor Check Ins
  • Pick up and Drop off from Kona Airport (Airport Code: KOA)

What is Not Included:

  • Your Flight to Kona Airport (Airport Code: KOA)

The Amenities:

  • The Shores in the Waikoloa Beach Resort – the most amazing property in the Waikoloa Beach Resort –
  • Swimming Pool – lounge chairs for sunbathing or umbrellas around the pool.
  • Jacuzzi
  • Fitness Center
  • Tennis Courts
  • Short walk to the Pacific Ocean
  • Beautiful Grounds including Koi Ponds with waterfalls throughout
  • Short Walking Distance to one of the most spectacular Hilton resorts in the world….you will love walking around this amazing resort.
  • Short Walk to the Famous King’s and Queen’s Shops – https://www.kingsshops.com

The Accommodations:

  • Resort Accommodations in the Waikoloa Beach Resort
  • Large Lanai with Expansive Ocean Views
  • Sunbathing from your Lanai

What Should I Bring:

  • The most important activity that you can do here is: SLEEP. We want you to sleep as much as possible as we know that your body heals you the most during sleep. We will do our best to provide you with the best sleeping conditions possible: including nice 100% cotton sheets, body pillow for you to comfortably sleep on your side, and pillows. However, I know for myself, I always bring my own pillow because of the specificity of the pillow I can sleep comfortably with. I highly recommend bringing your favorite sleeping pillow or if you know what your favorite pillow is you can have it shipped to our address before you arrive.
  • Swim Suit
  • Good shoes for walking and hiking
  • Warm clothing, especially during winter season. Our winters are typically warm and pleasant. Waikoloa is known for its sunny resorts and is a winter vacation paradise for people throughout the world. But bear in mind that when you are fasting your body temperature is going to drop and you want to be comfortably warm while you are fasting.
  • Socks
  • Tongue Scraper
  • Everything you need to stay up to date with what your needs are. If you are fortunate enough to not have any distractions during the retreat, then that is the best. But we do understand that for most people the only way they can make this retreat possible is by keeping up with their work related needs.




**Single Occupancy – King Sized Bed in their own private Master – $15,000/person
**Double Occupancy – Sharing a King Sized Bed in their private Master – $10,000/person

**Please Note: Double Occupancy is available to only those that already know each other and will be coming to the retreat together. For example: Couples, Spouses, Family, very good friends, etc.

*Pricing is All-Inclusive with the exception of Hawaii General Excise Tax (4.712%)

Your Own Accommodations Near the Retreat Location: $7500

How Do I Make A Reservation:

Fill Out Your Retreat Questionnaire

  • First, we will ask you to complete a health questionnaire.
  • If you are an applicant that we approve, you will need to confirm with a $2000 deposit.

Our Mailing Address:

Island Holistic Healing

69-1035 Keana Place #102

Waikoloa, HI 96738

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