Dr. Tancheff will sit down with you and review your entire medical history, and will order any and all additional tests which may be needed in order to help you the best. The doctor will review all of the tests of your results and guide you through treatments which will allow you to replace your unnecessary medications with holistic options which will give you the health and the life you have always wanted. Because let’s face it: everyone wants to feel and look their best. And we are going to teach you how to do exactly that.

First of all, before you come to our clinic, you should already know that our clinic is different from other clinic experiences you have had in the past. We understand your purpose for seeing the doctor is to have the doctor help you to make you healthier. Our clinic purpose is to get you healthy and keep you healthy. Because we maintain a holistic approach to your health and well being we attempt to offer all of the health services you may need in our clinic. If your needs are beyond our ability to help you, we will refer you to the appropriate provider.

I am very excited to have this opportunity to serve the needs of the people here in Waikoloa.

Who We Want to help

-Healthy People who want to learn how to be healthier and to stay healthy forever




-Heart Disease

-All types of Arthritis

-All musculoskeletal conditions including Back Pain, Neck Pain, Herniated Disc, muscle pain, etc.

-All Autoimmune Conditions

-All Inflammatory Conditions

-All Chronic Fatigue Syndromes


-All Skin Conditions such as acne, cysts, boils, psoriasis, dermatitis, etc.

-All people on medications that want to learn how to be free from their medications

-All people that have tried conventional medicine and found no relief or help

-All people that have been to the medical doctor and want a different opinion.

-Someone that wants an accurate diagnosis with no hidden agendas.

-All people that want to be free from the medical establishment.