Welcome to the office of Island Holistic Healing. My name is Nicholas Tancheff, the Founder and 100% Owner. 

I founded my practice on a principle to deliver the highest quality chiropractic care in the world. I have lived and worked in many places across the world offering chiropractic services and when I came to Waikoloa, Hawaii I knew I would only offer what I know to be the Absolute Best!!

We deliver the highest quality musculoskeletal care services because we know what the musculoskeletal anatomy needs to be the best it can be. 

When you reach musculoskeletal maturity, at its peak of lengthening, a shortening or contracting process begins. This contracting process will lead to excess calcium release from the sarcoplasm reticulum within the cells of the connective tissue. This leads to rigidity also known as stiffening. Stiffening leads to blood viscosity resulting in inflammation. Because blood and nerve follow the same pathways throughout the body this increased inflammation leads to increased pressure to delicate nerve fibers. Pressure to delicate nerve fibers leads to nerve irritation resulting in symptoms. 

Here at Island Holistic Healing our Focus is Three Fold:

Number 1. Relief of your current symptoms.

Number 2. Musculoskeletal Health.

Number 3. Overall Physical Health.

How We Do This:

Our Unique Combination of Therapies

Decrease the Inflammation while at the same time relaxing the contractions within the connective tissue and stimulating the nerve flow utilizing the most powerful combination therapy in the industry. The Deep Diathermy component forces new blood into the tissues to push out the inflammation and create newer, healthier tissues. The most powerful ultrasound in the industry slowly relaxes and lengthens all of the fibers within the connective tissue. The highly therapeutic tetanizing stim will stimulate all of the nerves that are traveling to all of the tissues within your body. Thereby the nerves that are being compressed will feel a sense of relief and ‘new’ness.

We further dilate the blood flow with the most powerful FAR Infrared Therapy in the Industry. 

The combination of ALL of the Therapies we provide will provide immediate relief of symptoms and a healthier musculoskeletal anatomy. 

We further massage, mobilize, and stretch the tissues and joints in a variety of methods.

Cranial Facial Release

We are also one of the only providers in Hawaii of a Therapy for your Central Nervous System known as Cranial Facial Release. Cranial Facial Release is a highly skilled procedure inflating tiny balloons through the three pairs of nasal turbinates to the Sphenoid Bone to Increase Blood and Nerve Flow to the Brain and Mobilize the Cranial Suture Joints. The effects lead to improved breathing, decreased facial congestion, and overall improved Brain Health. This leads one to feel an improved sense of well-being and clarity. It is a powerful procedure that I would recommend for every human being to experience and receive. 


In terms of overall physical health, we recognize that this begins with what you allow yourself to be exposed to and allow to enter into your physical body. We recognize your basic needs to be the following:

  1. Clean Water (preferably distill your own water at home)
  2. Clean Air (avoiding all chemicals as much as possible)
  3. Clean Food (preferably organic and highest in fresh fruit and vegetable intake)
  4. Exercise
  5. Adequate Rest
  6. Adequate Sunlight
  7. Water Fasting as indicated by your body to detoxify the excesses that occur throughout our lifetimes.

Mahalo for listening.

Yours Truly,

Dr Nick



Dr. Tancheff will sit down with you and review your primary complaints, and will order any and all additional tests which may be needed in order to help you the best. The doctor will review all of the tests of your results and guide you through treatments which will allow you to replace your unnecessary medications with holistic options which will give you the health and the life you have always wanted. Because let’s face it: everyone wants to feel and look their best. And we are going to teach you how to do exactly that.

First of all, before you come to our clinic, you should already know that our clinic is different from other clinic experiences you have had in the past. We understand your purpose for seeing the doctor is to have the doctor help you to make you healthier. Our clinic purpose is to get you healthy and keep you healthy. Because we maintain a holistic approach to your health and well being we attempt to offer all of the health services you may need in our clinic. If your needs are beyond our ability to help you, we will refer you to the appropriate provider.

I am very excited to have this opportunity to serve the needs of the people here in Waikoloa.

Whom We Want to help

-Healthy People who want to learn how to be healthier and to stay healthy forever




-Heart Disease

-All types of Arthritis

-All musculoskeletal conditions including Back Pain, Neck Pain, Herniated Disc, muscle pain, etc.

-All Autoimmune Conditions

-All Inflammatory Conditions

-All Chronic Fatigue Syndromes


-All Skin Conditions such as acne, cysts, boils, psoriasis, dermatitis, etc.

-All people on medications that want to learn how to be free from their medications

-All people that have tried conventional medicine and found no relief or help

-All people that have been to the medical doctor and want a different opinion.

-Someone that wants an accurate diagnosis with no hidden agendas.

-All people that want to be free from the medical establishment.