1. The question most commonly asked to me: Where can I receive this service that you provide in the location where I live?
Answer: I do not know of any other provider that offers the service that I provide. The service I provide is a combination of my skills and experience from working all around the world. And I do not know any other location that provides the service that I can recommend.

2. Why do you provide this service?
Answer: I have worked for many different chiropractors and chiropractic offices and I have always believed that the chiropractic profession should be musculoskeletal CARE specialists. What I have found is that Chiropractors have not recognized the need for True Care. I know that I have the best tools in the industry in my office and that the care I provide is the best in the world. What I offer to my patients in my office is the EXACT treatments that I want to receive. And therefore, the great commandment: Do to others as you would want to have done for you. I give what I want to receive. I give what I know people need. I provide this service not because it is easy to work this hard for people. But at the end of the day I know I am giving others what they need in order to have the healthiest physical version of themselves.

3. What can I do to maintain your services at Home?
Answer: There is no question that people need to make time to have healthy habits in their own time that includes: a yoga/stretching practice, exercise, sunshine, breathing fresh air, drinking pure water (I personally recommend buying your own steam distiller to distill your own water at home), preparing all of your own meals at home with fresh organic ingredients only, and getting sufficient sleep and rest and reducing your exposures to chemicals and EMF and Radiofrequency and Wireless technology. So being in nature is also very important. But in order to actually maintain the therapy that we provide in this office, unless you have someone that is identical to me AND that person can skillfully provide the same level of services AND has these amazing tools we utilize, it is impossible for me to tell you there is a replacement for this service. If you want to have the best musculoskeletal health, you need to have maintenance care.

4. How often do you recommend receiving your services?
Answer: In the beginning of your care, I recommend 3 to 4 sessions in less than 2 weeks to have a consistent level of treatment in the beginning. The first few sessions your body will be undergoing changes as the dissolving of old unhealthy tissue takes place. After the first few sessions, we need to reevaluate. The question then becomes: is there any more pain? If the pain is gone, we go to maintenance care which I recommend being seen one time every two weeks. Maximum time for maintenance care is one visit each month. Upon reevaluation after the initial 3 to 4 visits, if there is still pain and/or discomfort we must continue to see you every week until the pain is gone.

5. Why don’t other chiropractors provide your services?
Answer: I cannot speak for other chiropractors. But it is unfortunate that the chiropractic profession wants to focus more of their attention on selling the chiropractic adjustment vs. recognizing the science that brings patients in to their offices: pain due to the chronic contraction of connective tissue leading to calcification leading to inflammation leading to unhealthy tissue that will spasm, stiffen, causing unhealthy tissue to result in sprain/strains and bulging discs – even leading to tears within the annular fibers of the discs. If chiropractors provided the high level of care that we provide in our office: 1. Patients would receive correct information. 2. Our patients would be so much healthier. And they would know they are healthier because every time they leave our office they feel amazing from the treatments!

6. Why would I go to your office if I practice Yoga instead?
Answer: This makes absolutely no sense to me. But I hear this often. If you are practicing yoga, that is great! I am a yoga enthusiast myself. And everyone should have a yoga practice. That being said, if you want to experience your connective tissue being able to stretch and lengthen even better, you need to receive this therapy. Because when you treat the connective tissue with our therapies, your yoga practice is going to be even more enjoyable and amazing. If your yoga practice is important to you, then you should prioritize treatment in our office so that your yoga practice will be even better! Simply because your connective tissue will be able to move better.

7. Can your treatment improve my golf game?
Answer: It should be fairly obvious that when your connective tissue range of motion increases, this should improve your ability to improve your golf game. People love coming to this location in Hawaii because they love to golf. I have had so many people have treatments here that told me after my treatment they had the best golf game of their life! I am happy to hear this. I am never going to tell someone that they too should expect to have the best golf game of their life when they receive treatment here but on the other hand when your connective tissue allows you to move more freely, then you will at the very least feel far more comfortable on the golf course. And at the end of the day, isn’t that what is the most important thing? People just want to feel good and that is what we provide here. Helping people to not only feel good, but AMAZING!!

8. My Primary Medical Doctor is recommending me to go to Physical Therapy. Should I first go to the Physical Therapist?
Number one: Your medical doctor does not know or care anything about learning how to make your physical body as healthy as possible.
Number two: This is their standard of care to refer you to physical therapy. Obviously I am a firm believer in the highest quality physiotherapy modalities. Unfortunately, that is not what you are going to receive from the physical therapist. The physical therapist office tends to focus on teaching you how to do exercises. Which in my mind makes absolutely no sense. When patients are in pain, they want pain relief so that they will be able to return to exercise. Your primary course of action needs to be coming in to our office so that you get pain relief and you feel amazing. Once you feel good, you want to exercise. So Physical Therapists are showing patients exercises to “train and strengthen” body parts that are not yet healthy. You need to get treatment to get those body parts healthy first. Exercise happens after the body parts are free from all discomfort. You need to listen to your body. When an exercise is uncomfortable, you need to listen to your body. I hear from my patients all the time that they were referred to the physical therapist to do exercises. Meanwhile, their actual complaint has never been treated.

9. Will my health insurance cover visits in your office?
Answer: We provide chiropractic and PT therapies. If you have HMSA (the blue cross blue shield plain of Hawaii) or any other Blue Cross Blue Shield Plan, your health insurance most often will provide coverage for chiropractic and PT therapies in our office. Because of the extent of the services that we offer here, your co payment will be higher than a typical chiropractic office.
If you have any other insurance plan that covers Chiropractic care. Such as Kaiser, American Specialty Health, and HMAA. There is coverage for a chiropractic adjustment code, but the therapies we provide are not a covered service from your insurance plan. Therefore you will pay for the therapies separately.

10. I am on Medicare. Will you accept my Medicare and Medicare Supplement Insurance plan?
Answer: Unfortunately, Medicare and Medicare Supplement Plans do NOT cover services in my office. At one time I did bill medicare many times for claims to which I never received any payment through them. Therefore, I am no longer accepting Medicare and Medicare Supplement plans in my office. We do accept Health Savings Account Plans and all major credit cards.

11.What is the purpose of the chiropractic ‘adjustment’?
Answer: The true story of what happens from the Chiropractic ‘Adjustment’. I personally do not like to use the term ‘adjustment’ because that is a false term in terms of what actually happens. I prefer to use the term chiropractic manipulative therapy (aka CMT) which is also the medical term and code for this procedure. The procedure is a skill that chiropractors utilize in order to induce an increase in the range of motion of the joint. The sound that one may or may not hear within the joint space is the sound that occurs as a result of pressure releasing inside the joint space by creating that increase in movement. We first treat and lengthen the connective tissue prior to CMT. By creating more movement in the joint this can result in the joint being able to position itself better. So there is some truth to the theory that CMT is realigning the joint. But lengthening connective tissue equally between right and left is still necessary for the body to have improved alignment.

12. Is it true that the chiropractor correctly diagnosed my vertebrae, rib, or joint being ‘out’? And the chiropractor put it back ‘in’?
Answer: This is a great question. One that I hear every single day. Patients received the term ‘out’ from the chiropractic profession. And they come in and already have diagnosed their problem as something being ‘out’ and they want the chiropractor to put it back ‘in’. Nothing in your body can spontaneously be ‘out’ without having an effect on the attaching connective tissue. Every joint and bone in your body is attached by connective tissue. What I most often find is that contraction (aka shortening, aka tension) of connective tissue results in an inflammatory response within that tissue that causes an area to be inflamed which makes one feel that something is ‘not right’. These conditions will always improve with therapy followed by chiropractic manipulative therapy to restore proper movement which can result in improved alignment. In my office I refrain from using the words ‘out’ and ‘in’ because those words do not give any body a true understanding of what is occurring in their body.

13. If I have rib (costal) pain, is my rib ‘out’? And I need to have a chiropractor put the rib back ‘in’?
Answer: Any time a person has costal pain it is very important to have a proper history of what actually has or has not happened prior to experiencing pain in their rib area. There are a number of different conditions that can cause rib pain:

  • Inflammation of the rib area – due to attaching connective tissue
  • Inflammation of the sternum – aka costochondritis is common
  • Costochondral sprain/strain – trauma, injury, sprain/strain of the tissue. All of those can result in sprain/strain to the connective tissue that attaches rib to rib. Breathing is painful.
  • Rib Fracture – Breathing is very painful.

All of the above conditions are very commonly seen in my office. All of the above conditions require therapy to the area of complaint. And you do NOT want to apply chiropractic manipulative therapy (CMT) to a costochondral sprain/strain or rib fracture until the area has had time to heal. Applying CMT for those conditions will injure the patient more. It is important to note that almost always: when a patient has a costochondral sprain/strain or rib fracture, the patient only knows they are in pain and very often will come in requesting a rib ‘adjustment’. It is very important to diagnose the condition properly before applying a procedure that the patient requests. Because it will only leave them in more pain and worsen their injury. I have heard that story many times whereby the chiropractor went ahead and ‘adjusted’ the patient’s rib and made the patient’s situation far worse than when they came in. As chiropractors, we need to understand and recognize that when patients come in to our offices requesting chiropractic ‘adjustments’ we need to realize that their main purpose for requesting the ‘adjustment’ is because in their mind that is what is going to make them feel better. And if the ‘adjustment’ they are requesting is not the best procedure that will help them to leave their office healthier and feeling better then we need to give them what we know will help them the best. Because then that patient is really going to be able to trust you as their health care provider. When they know that you know better than them what they really need AND you have the tools to give them what they need.

14.What musculoskeletal regions do you commonly treat?

  • All Spinal Regions
  • Coccyx – coccydynia – inflammation of the tailbone region
  • Hip
  • Shoulder – Acute and Chronic Rotator Cuff Injuries/Inflammation are common
  • Elbow – attaching tendon inflammation
  • Wrist and Hands – Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is common as well as the thenar and hypothenar fascia inflammation.
  • Costal and Sternal Cartilage – costochondritis is common as is costal cartilage sprain/strains
  • Knees
  • Ankles
  • Feet – Plantar Fasciitis is quite common and our treatment provides immediate results.
  • All anatomical regions are treatable and can be improved with therapy.
  • Cranial Facial Release is extremely beneficial for sinus related congestion, nasopharyngeal congestion, increasing blood flow to the brain, improving day time and sleep time breathing which as a result improves brain function due to increased blood and oxygen flow.

Here at Island Holistic Healing, we have the best tools in the industry to meet all of your musculoskeletal needs. When you as a patient consider whom you will trust with your musculoskeletal needs. Does it not make sense that you will want to hire the practitioner that has the best tools in the industry to meet your needs?

I always find it interesting that the practitioners that are considered to be my competitors in this field continue to work with very limited tools that are essential for providing the best results for their patients? We will always make it a priority to prioritize being the best providers in this field.