ALL of our Sessions Include Regenerative Healing Therapies AND Chiropractic Therapy

We are unable to compromise the absolute necessity of the regenerative therapies to relax the connective tissue and remove the underlying inflammation prior to providing chiropractic manipulation therefore all of our pricing includes the therapies the Doctor must provide in order to give the patient the proper care and the best results.

INITIAL VISIT (without insurance coverage) = $160 + HI GE Tax

All Follow-Up Visits (without insurance coverage) = $150 + HI GE Tax

Cranial Facial Release Therapy  = $600 (Initial Visit)

Cranial Facial Release (follow up visits) = $150 per session

Sananga Eye Medicine = $75 per session

Add Cranial Facial Release to (4) Regular Follow Up Sessions = $300 Additional Fee

Add Sananga Eye Medicine to CFR or Regular Session = $50 Additional Fee

High Magnification Digital Video Otoscopic Exam = $50


*NEW* ORGANIC JUN KOMBUCHA ON TAP                                        

16 oz. with Glass = $12 / 16 oz. without the Glass = $10

Fees with Insurance

HMSA & Blue Cross = $50 per service (assuming the annual deductible has been met). Exceptions: HMSA EUTF, HMSA ILWU, HMSA Hawaiian Airlines, and HMSA AKAMAI plans.

HMSA Akamai = $150 Initial Visit / $140 All Follow-Up Visits

Kaiser, Cigna, HMSA EUTF, HMSA Hawaiian Airlines, and American Specialty Health = $95 per service (pricing includes Regenerative Therapies that are not covered under the insurance plan)

HMAA = $90 per service (pricing includes therapies that are not covered under the insurance plan)

UHA = $20 Reimbursement from UHA directly to the member. Patient pays normal fee on the day of service.

Comprehensive Lab Order with Consultation Fees = $200 (Laboratory testing fees must be paid by the patient to the laboratory separately)

Cancellation Fee = $50 with less than 48 hour notice