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                                   Dr Nick

My name is Dr. Nicholas Tancheff. I am a Hawaii licensed chiropractor since the year 2011. I am also professionally certified by the International Association of Hygienic Physicians to treat medical patients utilizing non-invasive conservative treatments including nutrition, detoxification, and fasting. I have been utilizing my skills for the past 10 years treating patients with a vast array of health conditions from cancer, diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune diseases, thyroid conditions to back, neck, and musculoskeletal pain.

I personally developed chronic illness 20 years ago which the medical profession could not help, and I learned over the period of 3 years how to heal myself. From that time forward, I learned everything about health I could get my hands on and enrolled in chiropractic school so that I would have the opportunity to offer others what I have learned and help them. Upon completing my chiropractic education, I completed my residency requirements for the International Association of Hygienic Physicians. I have worked in a vast variety of clinic settings and this clinic is my personal creation of what I have learned through the years to help patients the best.

“My goal is to empower you to be totally free from unnecessary medications and to adopt a natural, holistic lifestyle which will keep you free from illness & disease forever.”

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Why We Are Here

I have been experiencing the island of Hawaii since 1999. That was the year that I fell in love with this island. At that time I was preparing for my first year of chiropractic school and I was not certain where I would settle down. I have lived many places over the years from the mainland USA to Africa to Southeast Asia and have come to realize the only place that makes me truly happy is this island. This island has over the years become my “home”. And now that I am settling down permanently with my practice in Waikoloa I will finally be able to take root and grow where I want to be.

I want my patients to know and to understand the cause of their illness or disease and to learn the cause of health and how to get from pain and illness to recovery and life long health. Everybody has the potential to make it happen and we are here to help you to reach your desired goal.