BIZM_20170511_PLUOY_TwitterShare_1012x506Island Holistic Healing in Waikoloa, Hawaii

Dr. Nicholas Tancheff offers chiropractic and holistic healing services in Waikoloa Village, Hawaii. Conveniently located in the Waikoloa Highlands Shopping Center, a short drive from the resort areas on Kohala’s Gold Coast, Dr. Tancheff will work with you to meet your healing. He has treated over 15,000 patients around the world in the course of his Chiropractor work.

Our healing services include:

  • Chiropractic Care including diagnosis and treatment of back, neck and shoulder pain as well as hip, knee, ankle, foot, etc.
  • Cranial Facial Release – Unlock Cranial Fixations, Improve Breathing, Release Sinus Congestion, Increase Blood Flow to the Brain, Increase Cerebrospinal Fluid Flow, Stimulate Cerebrospinal Fluid to Drain Toxins, and Improve Brain Function. #CranialFacialRelease
  • Ultrasonic Diathermy – most powerful ultrasonic diathermy unit in the industry. Powerful, Deep Healing to the connective tissue. #AmrexU/50
  • Activator, Arthrostim, and Vibracussor – Advanced Chiropractic Tools #Activator
  • Medical Grade FAR Infra Red Heat & Mineral Therapy to promote circulation and oxygenation of the blood and surrounding tissues. Highest Power FAR Infrared therapy in the industry.
  • Glass Cupping – Suction Therapy to move inflammation out of tissues and move new blood flow in to the tissue to increase healing to the connective tissue. #cuppingtherapy
  • Gua Sha Therapy to break up adhesions and scar tissue and improve the blood circulation
  • Inversion Therapy to decompress the spine and relieve pain
  • Herbal Medicines and Tonics to improve blood health and immunity
  • Therapeutic Exercises
  • Combination Therapies – For example, combining Chiropractic Care, Medical Grade FAR Infra Red Heat Therapy, Powerful Ultrasonic Diathermy, Cupping Therapy, Gua Sha, and Inversion on the same day to provide maximum long lasting results
  • Full blood and urine analysis services

At Island Holistic Healing, Dr. Tancheff looks at the body and ailments holistically, which means to look at how the body’s systems interact to create overall good health. Dr. Tancheff accepts that the optimal cure might require multiple modalities of care, including hands-on therapy, state-of-the-art tools and nutritional counseling. The goal is to reduce your pain and restore your health as soon as possible.

Island Holistic Health is within twenty minutes of the following locations: Mauna Kea Hotel, Mauna Lani Hotel, Hapuna Prince Hotel, Waikoloa Hilton, Waikoloa Marriot, the Waikoloa resort area and Waikoloa Village. In-office treatment and outcall treatment are available. If you are seeking better health and reduced pain call 808-209-8002 to schedule your appointment today.

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